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The Groove Redemption

You start off with a 6 piece band and 2 singers,

and you simply don’t know what’s going to happen.

HOWEVER, you can be certain of, IT'S GONNA BE FUNKY !!!


The ONLY DanceFloor band you’ll ever need.

Hypnotizing performances to a wide variety of hits from the past 5 decades!!


Showmanship that allows no one to stay indifferent!!


A Decade’s worth of experience both in the Business AND the Private sector.

Back in 2,000 (AD) Oded Kafri, an Israeli drummer currently stationed in Europe,

started off The Groove Redemption, he invited Gabriel Pollak to join at 2003.

“We’re playing covers playing for Israeli artists anyways …. Let’s play some Micheal Jackson instead!”

Somehow it made sense and Gabriel took all the musical side of things while Oded ran the PR & Booking.

That cooperation produced spectacular results !!!

The Groove Redemption kept active ever since both in
Bars and Clubs within the Tel Aviv Night Life scene  AND in high end private and business events both locally and overseas.


The band’s musicians and singers are also pillars in other projects within the Israeli Entertainment World
such as X-Factor, Dancing With The Stars, Israeli Idol, The Idan Reichel Project, Survivors and more.


They are well versed, well rehearsed and dressed to play!!

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