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Tailor Made

Whether it be a business, private or a family event, to each of us, different thoughts comes to mind when we are asked to dream of “The Dreamiest of Event”.

Groove Music & Entertainment is here to help you come up, shape, create and produce your own musical concepts.

Materializing your dream into existence!!

Concepts that has never been seen or heard before!!

With the style, songs and genres YOU like best!!

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Masquerade - By Groove

 After being contracted by one of Israel's most hi-end Ambiance and Event Production offices to musically and theatrically enrich a certain event,
we've set down for a creative brain storm.
Choosing the music, the clothes, the stage scenery, we went deep into the small yet VERY important detail, until we came up with - Masquerade.

Masquerade is a 7-8 piece band (out of which there are 4 brass players) and a singer.

We quickly arranged and transcribed the necessary music especially for the event and then went into the studio to make sure everything sounds TIGHT as well as looks TIGHT.


Finally in the night in question, on the 32nd floor of a Tel-Aviv high-rise,
Masquerade gave the atmosphere to one of the most spectacular event Tel-Aviv has ever seen!!

It is both a great honor and a great pleasure to be on call for such hi-end clientele!!





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