Hello, my name is Gabriel Pollak.

After over a decade of experience in playing, producing and running
some of Israel’s top Bands and Productions both in the Business and the Private sectors, I have decided to launch a company of my own,

pushing the boundaries both in the high-end quality of our services
and with the no less than perfect customer experience we offer.

Groove can cater to all your special event’s LIVE musical needs.
We are lucky to have such an impressive list of acts.

HOWEVER, my own personal passion is to Custom Fit the event’s content.

Whether it be the choice of music, the outfits, the decor or the props,
anything goes when it comes to reflecting the person, company or group it represents.

In my 20's I've been working for top40's Israeli artists, playing 
guitar on TV appearances, CDs and LIVE DVDs.
(David D'or, Maya Buskila, Yoram Gaon, Svika Pick and more ...)

Naturally, I ended up in the USA, for a wonderful musical journey.
I've learned a lot in that journey, both musically and mentally.

Back to Israel at 2009, I went back to being a "hired gun" while taking
a bigger and bigger role in the Business & Private Events market.​

In the past 5 years I’ve been either the Musical Director and or Guitar Player for many of Israel’s top working bands playing both domestically and overseas.

I’ve had the privilege of catering to the needs of hi-profile producers
and clientele in hugely budgeted  wedding or business events
and also in private and more intimate parties.

These days, I have decided to launch a 'home' of my own, for music & entertainment. A standard of my own if you will.

Wish me luck!

Gabriel Pollak.

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